I booked an award flight on JetBlue and then paid $100 to change the dates of the trip, plus additional charges for extra legroom seats. I canceled the trip and was told that there was no time limit to reuse the award AND that I did NOT have to rebook at the moment of cancellation.

When I then called JetBlue to reuse the award, they refused to reinstate it, claiming two things: 1) that I had not canceled my reservation, when in fact I did cancel it; and 2) that it had to be rebooked at the time of cancellation, which is the opposite of what their customer service representative told me when I called to cancel! To add insult to injury, they also would not refund the additional fees I paid for more legroom seats on the unused award travel.

They made absolutely no attempt to offer me anything by way of apology, much less owning their mistake. I won't fly them again.

Review about: Jetblue Airways Flight Booking.

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The point of this whole letter is I forgot to cancel my reservation and I don't see why I should be punished for it.

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