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I was on the plane to Portland Maine June 5th on the 11:15 flight from NYC.They suddenly told us that it would be a half an hour wait.I am disabled and wearing my neck brace after having epidurals and nerve blocks for my back. My cousin is dying of cancer.She wanted me there right away.She drove 2 hrs to get me at midnight when the plane was supposed to land.After the half hour wait I asked how long we would be stuck here/"3 hrs" said the attendant.I explained that my cousin was gravely ill which is why I was rushing to be with her the month.She had come to the airport to pick me up in Portland.Knowing how hard this was for her I explained the situation.

I asked if someone could notify my cousin in Portland.They told me they would not do this. I became upset and asked why they did not tell the passengers that the half hour wait would be 2- 3 hrs .Could we disembark and eat? I asked this as nothing was offered except water.I said this was very hard on me but as for my cousin she could not wait 3 hrs more ( we were already very late). The plane was standing still.

Next thing I knew was that the blond attendant suddenly decided to tell the pilot to have me put off the plane.I was told that it was because I was walking in the aisles when the plane was moving.The plane was not moving at all.We were to be stuck there parked for 3 hrs.No way was the aircraft moving.Then it did move and I sat quietly in my seat.The people on board had not been told the 30 min wait was now 3 hrs until I asked.They groaned loudly. The next thing I knew was that the police took me off the plane and I was now without my baggage. I was told to wait until 10:30 am for the next plane making my cousin sit and wait even longer. I declined.

The crew outside the plane were mystified as to why they would be so mean.The captain however only heard what the attendant was saying. I was banned from the plane. I returned to NYC and now have no bag but I will take the train.I will never go aboard jet blue again.What has happened to this country? I advise one to never take Jet Blue.I am shocked!

But I am glad to be at home since the plane still has not landed in Maine at 4am and my cousin went home. I will now take the train to Maine and I shall never board a jet Blue plane again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jetblue Airways Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"The crew outside the plane were mystified"

They weren't mystified about anything. They probably didn't want waste time listening to you rant and become a part of your complaint. They know if the pilot asks you off you were making a joke of yourself or gave reason for them to think you're going to have medical issues in the air.

In other words, they patronized you.

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