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I recently had the worst flying experience that I've had in all my travels. On Friday August 14th I had a 12:45 flight from Nas to FLL and 7pm from FLL to LAX.

Firstly JetBlue customer service was extremely horrible or perhaps should I say there was NO service for the customer at all!!! no advance notice over the PA system that the flight was being delayed for 3 hours nor was a reason given. While waiting I asked by the representative what's the reason for the delay? He said while smacking his lips "Ummm I'm sorry but we are having electrical issues, you do want to arrive to your destination correct"!!! I sighed trying to contained myself!! Excuse me sir, what do you mean I asked. Ma'am we are doing our best you are not the only person inconvenience! At that point I asked for the manager.... He quickly responded the manager isn't here. As if that wasn't enough for me to accept while paying for a service which clearly wasn't free!....

I went to another counter to inquire about food voucher after waiting 2.5 hours! The second representative, said "all we have is chips and juice sorry we have no voucher." I then asked about the possibility of my group changing our return date to Sunday instead of Saturday because we would have missed the bus that was heading to Redding California, which would force us to miss the first day of the conference! The representative didn't even try to help he said ma'am you would have to pay a change fee! I said sir we will miss our bus, the first day of the conference which is further putting us in expense. But your only concern is the change fee. His response ma'am its JB policy....

The most aggravating thing was None of JB crew members that I encountered stood by your mission statement "Bring humanity back to air travel" in fact it was the worst ever... And I wouldn't recommend JB to anyone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jetblue Airways Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Obtw I received a credit of $50 which is less than 20% of what my party(4 persons) and I had to spend due to the delay....

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