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My fiancé and I won flights through a tv show. Since we are from Canada, we had to drive to Buffalo to get a flight. Our connecting flight at JFK was cancelled apparently due to weather issues. I asked numerous JetBlue employees why our 1pm flight was cancelled when the 10am flight left with no issues when it was sunny and clear in New York and Bahamas, our final destination. No JetBlue employees could give me a straightforward answer or give me the same answer about where the bad weather was. Since neither my fiancé or I have ever been to New York and we couldn’t get a confirmed flight for two days, I asked JetBlue for assistance with accommodations. None of the employees could care that we were stranded for possibly two days in a different country or city that we were unfamiliar with and couldn’t even give us an decent idea of where to go for a hotel.

Bottom line is that JetBlues policy is that when they decide to cancel a flight that they say is weather related then they don’t have any responsibility for their passengers that they strand. Even with no inclement weather anywhere near. Their policy also extends to their customer service once a flight is cancelled due to weather. We received more help from the police officers patrolling the airport than from any JetBlue employee. Customer service at its finest.

To top it off. After our vacation I contacted JetBlue’s customer service department to try and get my hotel bill compensated. Their response was a generic answer of no and gave me a $50 credit for my next flight knowing full well I lived out of the country and couldn’t use the credit.

I rather hitchhike for my next vacation than deal with JetBlue again

Product or Service Mentioned: Jetblue Airways Flight.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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"why our 1pm flight was cancelled when the 10am flight left with no issues "You're kidding right. Please tell me you're kidding.

Weather can change in minutes much less 3 hours.You're from Canada, you should know this. You should also know that just because it's nice and sunny where you are and where you're going, it doesn't mean it's not bad along the route."None of the employees could care that we were stranded"And just what did you want them to do, put you up at their place? I'm guessing that since you couldn't get them to tell you about local hotels(assuming that that's the truth)you were probably going crazy on them for something they have zero control of.They can't conjure up a plane if the airline says it's not going.

They can't conjure up a crew if the airline says the plane's not going.They aren't sitting in the room that made the decision. They can only give you what they were told or heard.Great idea hitchhiking, flying if for adults who understand this stuff can and does happen.P.S.Were there any pesky Noreasters spinning up the coast during the time you're talking about?

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