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January3rd,2018 two of my family members almost ready to board Jet Blue flight176 for Hartfod and springfield pilots dicided not to allowed their four pound puppy with them in the plane becssuse it was pet number five,wish they should know because pet also pay a boarding ticket they acted like if tbe did not knew and regardless of owner who is disable jet blue staff did not care for their tears,explanation of having health issues, and a snow stptm pn its way pressuring them to live their dog behind in Jet blue Terminal in San Juan Puerto Rico. Now here is a photo of my Lost Puppy Kira and i called jet blue over and over and they dont know where is my puppy according the theii represantives.

I found they Jet Blue staff are deceitful,cruel with no compassion just concern of making money..People with pets who flights with jet blue becareful they dont care about no bodies pet..Dont any one goes to the horrible experience of leaving their pets behind that my family is going through right now fourth day now and still claiming they dont know where is Kira and not taking resposablity for their staff bad decisions and becasue pilots felt like it. Owners ate heartbroken..

Product or Service Mentioned: Jetblue Airways Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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" just concern of making money"

And, they are a for profit organization. They aren't in the business of flying pet around the country.

They fly people and if they let packs of mutts on board, they'll begin to lose passengers who don't want to be around the stink, the noise or have their allergies go nuts because YOU can't fly without your pet family.

As an FYI, everyone doesn't like your dogs. Everyone isn't concerned with your so-called need for the dog to be with you if it means it diminishes their experience.


If you see squiggly lines underneath a word, it means you spelled it wrong.

Your comment would have been a little better if you could just spell.

Tells a lot about you....

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