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Orlando International Airport, 3-31-2011. JetBlue crewmember NORMA stated my passport was "illegible and tampered with" and denied me access to Flight #1695 to San Jose, CR.

Passport had been used 5 times to both Costa Rica and Curaco on Spirit and American Airline; it had fallen out of my pocket into a puddle in Cost Rica in 2006. No custom, immigration or security officer ever stated there was a PROBLEM with the passport but NORMA refused to call an agent to evaluate the passport in Orlando. She said it was her decion that I could not fly. The outside cover has some water spots but the information inside is all legible and NOTHING had been touched.

TIA Passport office confirmed passport was legible when visited on return trip to Tampa Bay. All of the Jet Blue customer service people have been rude and deny they are in any way wrong for ruining our planned trip.

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I used to work in Orlando for Jetblue. That was a common problem going to CR.

We got in trouble for people sending mutilated passports to CR. It was there customs officials that had an problem with it. Jetblue would get fined $1000 for each person that would be allowed to go with a mutilated passport and you would be sent right back home. Time for a new passport Surferboy!

And yes, US Customs won't have a problem with it, but Costa Rican Officials will. Norma was just doing her job.

Stop wasting yours and everyone elses time. No wonder Steven Slater did what he did, because of ignorant idiots like you!

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